Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pornopraphy Ban in UK - A Step toward Prosperity

It is very reasonable decision by the head of a country for the protection of childhood abuse.
They have ordered ISP's to create pornography filters to all new household connections. 
It is they first thing UK people have learned after many decades of sexual freedom and it is very awkward for me that a nation dedicated to research and education got this idea very late and come to know about the hazards of sexual freedom very late. Although very late but still appreciable. Hope the researchers will come to know very soon about the impacts of sexual freedom on the moral values of the nation and will be able to address the consequences as well.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How we Pollute and how Pollution Impact our Health

Pollution has the biggest impact on our healths. The growing industries are the greatest way to pollute our planet. I am going to discuss a little about the misery of developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and like wise other countries which are called developing countries.
The burning point is that people are ignorant which leads to a  polluted area and then bombardment of illnesses.
One reason all the people, majority in rural areas while some of the urban area excrete on open earth.
In rural areas animals and human both live side by side and their excretion remains on earth and there is no method have been released or no method of awareness has been disclosed to educate people about the risks of on earth excretion.
In urban areas there are very limited public toilets so anyone in need of urination or excretion discharges on open earth. Most of the public transport ports are filled with filth and urination and it is difficult for common man to stay there for a long time.
So most of the rural and some of the urban area places are the biggest resources of illnesses in developing countries.
These urban countries with bombardments of illnesses their hospitals lack medicines and mostly are filled with the patients.
This averse situation leads to many deaths and people are always ill. Most people remain victim of cold, flu and cough for whole year and don't know why it is happening to them.
May God bless them all and bestow knowledge upon them.

Maintain Breakfast On Regular basis - No breakfast skipping

New research is being discussed in the news. You should always maintain your breakfast daily. For any reason skipping the breakfast often could risk heart illness. The people who are not regular for the breakfast for any reason could be at risk of heart attack, weight gain, diabetes etc.
 People skip their meals for a number of reason. Some love sleep very much and don't even bother to wake up in time and have breakfast and maintain their lunch and breakfast at the same time.
Some skip their meals for losing weight and on the contrary if they skip breakfast they are heading towards the illness of gaining weight and many other side effects which I have mentioned above.
So be care full about breakfast don't skip it for losing weight or any other reason to maintain good health.